Tipografia La Marina

The service is at the base of everything.

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Tipografia La Marina

Tipografia La Marina since 1989 specialized in the production and trade of labels and tags, in 1996 it changed the corporate structure so that the company knows a period in which it increases its experience in the commercial publishing sector, collaborating with companies such as pharmaceutical multinationals, public bodies and private, fashion clothing and accessories, textile companies, art.

Creativity and experience in the design and implementation, technological innovation, training, an accurate service based on an efficient organization are at the base of our mission.

The whole process is carried out internally as a function of greater control of quality and competitiveness.

Selected and reliable partners contribute to the full satisfaction of the final customer.


From design to graphic realization of the lay out withproposals made using multiple printing techniques and materials. Thus proposing solutions amplified both for quality and price.


Competitivity     Quality control     Speed

All stages of production are made internally; offset printing, hotpress stamping, embossed, screen printing, digital printing, cutting, shaping, assembly.


Autonomous management of the warehouse product with minimum allert storage, evasion and on-demand distribution in the same day, evasion and distribution of orders with customization (eg, bar code) within 24 hours.